Monthly Archives: April 2016

Offering of Letters

Each year the Sisters at the Monastery of St. Gertrude in Cottonwood, Idaho, participate in the Offering of Letters sponsored by Bread For the World.

These letters are written as one of our Lenten practices and are offered during the Eucharistic service on Holy Thursday evening.  The theme of this year’s letters was Survive and Thrive in which we asked our legislators to increase the amount budgeted to aid international maternal and child nutrition programs.

Writing these letters helps us deepen our awareness of and concern for people around the globe who suffer from lack of sufficient, nutritious food.  Knowing that our letters are added to the thousands of letters written by members of other Christian groups gives us confidence that the message will have an impact on congressional decisions.

Stand Against Racism

peaceAs they have done in previous years, the Chicago Benedictine Sisters will participate in the Stand Against Racism sponsored by the YWCA on Friday, April 29.  They join a number of organizations to stand along Ridge Avenue in Evanston which stretches from the north to the south city limits.  Oblates of the community are invited to participate as well as the general public. A teacher from a suburban Catholic School brings a group of students to join the vigil. The Sisters make their presence visible by holding a large Benedictines For Peace sign.